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Welcome to Absolutely Nanda!

Nanda Fox



I'm Nanda, a multifaceted creator donning various

hats in life, most notably as a mother to a radiant

daughter—the joy of my world.


Fueled by a profound love for life, family, my playful Pomeranian, and feathery coop companions, I'm not just a skilled photographer but also a website designer collaborating with businesses worldwide.


As an imaginative published illustrator of children's books, I find immense joy crafting memories and

art in the heart of the Hudson Valley, NY.


Beyond profession, it's a heartfelt journey of connection and creation. Let's weave stories and capture moments together, transcending boundaries and creating a tapestry of cherished memories.


I'm here to turn your visions into realities,

no matter where in the world you are.

Nanda Fox

As a parent, I understand the ever-changing nature of our children—today's image is tomorrow's history!


That's why I emphasize the significance of preserving these fleeting moments through high-quality professional prints. These prints serve as timeless connections to our roots, capturing the essence of our journey and ensuring that the precious memories of our evolving children remain vivid and cherished.


Invest in preserving your family's unique story with prints that beautifully encapsulate where you came from, creating lasting impressions that stand the test of time.


- N

Father and Daughter

Why should you book a photo session?

Our professional portraits are tailored

for EVERY individual, breaking free

from stereotypes.


Age and size hold no sway over the

definition of your worth.


Our commitment is to empower everyone,

showcasing the beauty and uniqueness

that transcends societal norms.


In embracing professional portraits, you

embrace self-investment—a powerful catalyst propelling you toward boundless possibilities.

Because those who invest in themselves not only redefine their narrative but also propel themselves further in the journey of self-discovery

and confidence.


Elevate your story with portraits that celebrate

the essence of YOU, regardless of age or size.

Embrace the eternal glow within

it's your super power to be you!


 Our photography experience requires

no prior expertise; it's crafted for everyone.


Unleash your authenticity, and radiate your true self, for you, your family, and the generations to come. Because at the heart of our service is a commitment to capturing your essence in a timeless narrative.


Shine effortlessly and let your story unfold naturally.


Be you, for you, and leave a legacy

of authenticity for the generations that follow.

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