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Welcome to Absolutely Nanda!

Absolutely Nanda is one of the leading custom photographers

serving the Mid-Hudson Valley, as well as Metropolitan New York since 2010.


While our brand specializes in Family & Children photography,

we also have extensive experience working with businesses to provide

high-quality photography services that can be tailored to your requirements.


Contact Us today for more information.

Nanda Fox


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My name is Nanda.


I am a mother, a teacher, a photographer, an illustrator, a graphic designer, a talent manager, an unlimited creator and I absolutely love life, my family, my Pomeranian pup and my chickens.


I am located in the Mid-Hudson Valley, NY and I truly enjoy creating memories and arts for friends, family and clients locally and all over the world. ​

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"As a parent, I know that the child I see today, may be totally different from the one I see next week!

This is why is so important to save these memories in quality professional prints that will always connect us to where we came from."

- N


Why should you book a photo session?

All professional portraits are for EVERY type of people.


Age and size do NOT define you.


People that invest in themselves, go further!

You can NEVER lose your shine. That is your gift.

You don’t need ANY type of experience at all.

Lastly, Be You. For You. For Your Family.

For your Generations to come.

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