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Sheoak Vision Board


Welcome Message

Dear Libby,

It is a privilege to create these designs for your consideration. I am honored to collaborate with you on your inspiring vision to launch your skincare business, which I am confident will be highly successful.

Your dedication and passion for this project are evident, and it is clear how much care you are putting into every detail. I hold you in the highest regard and admire your elegance, intelligence, and the depth of your character. Your strength and determination to grow are evident in every step you take. May the Sheoak tree symbolize sustainability for women worldwide, fostering rejuvenation and vitality.

Although my name is not Anne with an E, it is Nanda with an N, reflecting my deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. I am also drawn to its manifestation and energetic qualities. Please feel free to share any feedback or requests for modifications on the designs. Your satisfaction is my priority, and I am dedicated to creating something that you and your future clientele will absolutely love.

It will be my pleasure to develop new designs if needed to ensure we achieve the perfect result.

Warm regards,


She Oak

I discovered that the Sheoak tree, native to Australia, is not only valued for its soil-stabilizing properties, needle-like leaves, and uses in timber and land reclamation projects, but it also inspires me with its ability to stabilize soil, symbolizing the creation of a strong and enduring foundation.

sheoak tree pro_edited.jpg
sheoak 4.jpg

The Fonts

She Oak Logo Samples.jpg

Geometric Shapes

She Oak Logo .png
hexagon shapes.png

In exploring the ideal geometric shape for your brand, I've felt inspired to use the hexagon.


The hexagon captures harmony, balance, and strength, much like a honeycomb.


This natural connection to bees and sweetness is a perfect fit for your skincare line. Plus, the hexagon's sleek geometry adds a touch of sophistication, reflecting the meticulous care you put into every product. And let's not forget its positive energy and good vibes—it's truly a stellar choice!

Oh, and the design with the blue background? It's actually my own spin on the Australia map, but I've given it a honeycomb shape.

The Colors

Colors are amazing—they can totally change how we feel and see things.


Think about the warm tones, like reds and oranges, they give off this exciting energy, while blues and greens make us feel calm and relaxed. It's like painting a picture with feelings!


Whether it's bold and bright or soft and subtle, every color brings its own vibe to a design, making it pop and catch your eye. They're like the secret sauce that adds life and beauty to everything we create!

I took a detailed look into the colors from your Pinterest board, and these were the ones that stood out the most.

sheoak colors.jpg

Gradients Options

sheoak gradients.jpg

The Design Samples

She Designs.jpg

Let's visualize them...

green and pink.jpg
sheoak sample gradient.jpg
sheoak pink and yellow.jpg
sheoak tubes.jpg

Here are some more designs

she designs.png


Here are a few wording samples for you to brainstorm with:

  1. "Natural Harmony: Infused with Science, Powered by Intention"

  2. "Energetic Elegance: Where Nature, Science, and Manifestation Align"

  3. "Alchemy of Beauty: Natural, Scientific, Intentional"

  4. "Radiant Resonance: Bridging Nature, Science, and Manifestation"

  5. "Vibrant Balance: Fusing Nature, Science, and Intention"

  6. "Manifested Glow: Infused with Nature's Science and Intentional Energy"

  7. "Holistic Brilliance: Where Nature, Science, and Intent Collide"

  8. "Synchronicity in Skincare: Natural, Scientific, Manifested"

  9. "Empowered Beauty: Where Nature's Wisdom Meets Scientific Precision and Intentional Energy"

  10. "Energy-Infused Beauty: Harmonizing Nature, Science, and Intention"

  11. "The Pinnacle of Natural Skincare"

  12. "Your Trusted Source for Natural Skincare Excellence"

  13. "Experience the Best in Natural Skincare"

  14. "Natural Skincare at Its Finest"

  15. "Your Essential Natural Skincare Solution"

sheoak with a leaf.jpg

Thank you sincerely for your time today.


I'm truly excited to hear your input, ideas, and suggestions whenever you're ready.


Anticipating your response eagerly, and I'll be sure to share more designs as soon as I hear back from you.


Lots of love,



My Story



Hello! Nanda here! Since 2010, I've been a professional photographer and website/graphic designer, crafting stories for businesses and families. From branding to family memories, I've got you covered. Social media management and drone services? Yep, I do that too! When I'm not behind the lens or screen, you can find me with my chickens, my Pomeranian puppy, and my beloved family. My business isn't just about images; it's about fostering free thinking and self-love. I'm excited to work with you!

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